Cold spray additive manufacturing of copper-based materials: Review and future directions

Vineeth Menon, Clodualdo Aranas Jr., Gobinda Saha

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Vol 1, Issue 2, 2022, Article identifier:12


The cold gas dynamic spray process is a manufacturing process strategically designed for coatings. The conditions for the deposition of materials to form coatings have evolved over several decades. Copper and copper-based cold spray coatings are an interesting field for investigation, as it has substantial commercial demand and acceptance. Several important works have already been performed in this regard that shows the immense popularity of its applications in power industries. Cold gas dynamic spray, being an economic process, can produce coatings with superior quality and low oxidation. In this paper, a particular focus has been given to copper-based cold spray coatings along with their deposition parameters. The various mechanical, electrical, corrosion, and tribological properties of these copper-based cold spray coatings are commendable and economically lucrative. A good amount of experimental data has also been included in this review article to provide comprehensive information and future scope of research about copper-based cold spray coatings.


Cold spray; Copper-based alloys; Coating

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